About us

We are a reliable partner in the areas of prototype construction, test cubing, mould and tool making. Motivation, performance, commitment, quality, innovation and creativity are the characteristic trademarks that have shaped our company since its founding in 1949 by Erich Baumann and they still hold true today. The basis for our traditionally good reputation are the certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

However, we are not satisfied with them alone. Between production and delivery, we have installed a measuring and testing area and apply FMEA analyses. In addition to these technical quality assurance measures, our employees are an important factor in our decades of success. We implement targeted intensive training and further education as well as the needs based training of our staff.

Moreover, you benefit from our additional services, which also assist you with assembly and packaging. Of course you can rely on quality assurance according to the ISO 9001 process standards and additionally specify your own requirements and specific standards.