Motivation, performance, commitment, quality, innovation and creativity

– these are the characteristic ingredients that have shaped our company since its inception in 1949 by Erich Baumann and still hold true today.
Until the 1970s, the core business of Baumann GmbH was influenced by traditional foundry model construction.

With the installation of the first milling machines, the constant further development of the pure model construction began (year) the transitions to tool and mould making. This development led to the first CNC controlled systems on manual machines and copy milling. Today, we are consistently and efficiently travelling down the road of continuous development. The resulting expertise of our team, along with the technical levels of our systems and our equipment, sets us significantly apart from our competitors.

Since 1997, Baumann GmbH has now been under management by the second generation, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Christoph Baumann. Our production program covers all areas of the tool – and mould making fully covering these to completion in all variations. Efforts are undertaken together with a team of highly motivated and highly qualified employees meeting the needs of our customers. Our customers range from the automotive industry, racing, as well as from aviation and aerospace sectors. Even some works of art have benn made at Baumann.